The one stop Property management Solution

We identified the need for an all-in-one property management solution that transcends conventional boundaries. The client approached our team to conceptualise, design, and market an app that not only manages properties efficiently but also integrates features to enhance the overall user experience.

Our development process began with an in-depth analysis of user needs and pain points in property management.

The team then designed a user-friendly interface, emphasizing simplicity and functionality. The inclusion of advanced features set Aplicondo apart from traditional property management apps.

We have developed an easy check-in system for residents to send a QR code to their visitors which they can present at the guardhouse when they arrive. This allows for fast, secure access for visitors and guests.

This allows residents to streamline everything from package deliveries, scheduled workers and more and prevent security breaches.

Key Features:

Property Management Suite:

Streamlined e-billing, e-documentation, visitor management and maintenance requests.Intuitive property listing and search functionalities.

Emergency Reporting:

Guards and Residents can both initiate emergency reports in the event of a break-in or other SOS situations so that help can arrive promptly and is instantly registered by the guardhouse and management.

Feedback System:
In-app messaging for seamless communication between landlords, tenants, and service providers.Notifications for important updates, rent reminders, and service requests.

Mobile App UIUX Design

The mobile app design is meant to be simple, and that allows for Residents to automate and facilitate their condo management. The User Interface and Experience has to be convenient and appealing for any user, young or old.

What we did

Branding Design

Graphic design

Brand Verbal Identity

Tone of voice
Content Creation


Social Media
Digital Marketing