You may have noticed some of your campaigns are labelled “Learning limited.” When your campaigns are in the learning phase, Meta is still learning how to best deliver them, and your results may be limited.

Exiting the learning phase can help lower your cost per action and optimise your ads faster. To get started, check out the top tips for leaving the learning phase.

1. Ensure your campaign has sufficient budget

Most campaigns need fifty optimisation events to exit the learning phase. Consider raising your budget to achieve fifty events faster.

2. Limit your campaign edits

Every time you make a significant edit to your campaign, it will reenter the learning phase. Try not to edit your campaign for at least a week to help it exit the learning phase.

3. Consolidate your ad sets

Make sure you don’t have multiple ad sets targeting the same audience, as this can lead to higher costs and competition with yourself. Consolidate your ad sets to give them the best chance to optimise.

4. Ensure your audience is broad enough

If your audience is too narrow, you might not get enough results to exit the learning phase. Try expanding your lookalike audience size, using detailed targeting expansion, or combining similar audiences into one ad set to reach more people.

5. Use the lowest cost bid strategy

Meta recommends lowest cost bidding for your campaign. The lowest cost bid strategy maximises the results you can get from your budget. If you have a cost cap or bid cap, you may want to increase them to get more results.

6. Use campaign budget optimisation

Another method for getting more results is combining your campaigns and using campaign budget optimisation, or CBO. CBO automatically manages your campaign budget across ad sets to get you the overall best results. You set one central campaign budget, which is distributed to your best-performing ad sets.

7. Opt in to automatic placements

Consider combining your ad sets, and opt in to automatic placements so Meta can serve your ads where they are most likely to perform.

8. Wait before editing your campaigns

It’s best to wait a week after making edits to your campaign to see if you’re able to exit the learning phase. Every time you edit your campaign, the learning phase restarts and the delivery system has to learn again, so it’s important not to edit too often.