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What Is Google Ads?

Capture interest and intent with highly optimized Google Ads

Google Ads is a key feature of search engine marketing (SEM)–a performance marketing practice that uses pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to put you at the top of search results, generate online activity, and increase sales.

Well-placed and optimized Google ads make you easily discoverable, especially when consumers are not aware of your brand. When they search for products or services online, it gives you the opportunity to convert their intent into action, whether through a purchase, sign-up, booking, or call.

Advance Your Digital Result With Google Ads

Improve Brand Awareness

87% of Malaysians spend their time on the internet daily, while 85.5% shop for products and services online. Incorporating Google Ads as part of your search engine marketing will propel you to the top of search results, giving your business outstanding visibility.

Get Rapid Results

Need a quick fix or running a campaign on a tight timeline? SEM produces highly optimized Google ads that will ensure you hit all your campaign metrics.

Monitor Real-Time Returns

The efficacy of Google AdWords allows you to obtain higher returns on average spend (ROAS). You only pay when your ad is clicked on, which enables you to immediately identify what works and what doesn’t.

Measure Quantifiable Outcomes

Impressions, reach, page views, ad clicks, cost per acquisition—these are all solid numbers that can quantify performance. Data-driven decisions produce effective outcomes.

Why SEM?

Achieve higher returns with effective SEM campaigns that…

1. Grow your audience

with optimized ad placements

2. Attract the new customers

with effective lead generation tools

3. Drive quality conversions

with precise audience targeting

4. Convert website visitors

with personalised ads through Google remarketing

And get real-time results online and offline that…

5. Obtain valuable ROIs

with pay-per-click ads, even without a high budget

6. Boost website visits

and increase chances of generating sales

7. Drive more phone calls

with easily accessible click-to-call button

8. Increase store visits

with business ads that put your company on the map

A Peek Into Our Integrated Google Ads & SEM Practices

Our services

  • SEM Plan & Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Account Architecture
  • Performance & Budget Optimization
  • Monthly Reports
  • Account Management

    Google Ads We Provide

    Google Search Ads

    Google Display Ads

    Google Remarketing Ads

    Google Video Ads

    Google Shopping Ads

    Google APP Ads

    Google Smart Campaigns

    Google Discovery Ads

    Google Local / Waze Ads

    Why AnyMeta Is Your Trusted Google Ads Specialist?

    Progressive techniques 

    Using behavioral science, we enhance ad copy with cognitive biases to identify purchase triggers at different stages of the sales funnel. Your ad shows up on the screen with a relatable ad copy, and at the right time.

    Highly optimized ads

    We constantly aim to understand, utilize, and master new Google searches and ads technology, such as optimizing search modifiers to improve relevancy and increase returns.

    Accountable transparency

    With a real-time reporting dashboard, you will be able to get instant insights into your campaign’s performance. We hold full accountability for our decisions, which means we’ll consistently track, review, and analyze results, and recommend the best strategies ahead.

    Our Clients

    Your Success Is Our Top Priority.

    Testaments Of Our SEM Expertise

    In less than 6 months, we helped a well-known investment and wealth management robo-advisor company in Malaysia achieved these results:

    From 9.3% to 25%

    increase in revenue

    Nearly RM500

    Ad spend reduced

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