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E-mail Marketing
E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing: A ridiculously easy way to grow your business.

At least 99% of consumers check their email on a daily basis. That can't be said of any other communication channel.

Email is still the number 1 communication channel.

First, email marketing campaigns can be personalized to a greater extent than those on social media. Next, costs are considerably lower than for other channels, especially considering the reach and conversion rate associated with email marketing. This is part of what makes email marketing so ideal for small businesses.

We know when is the best time to send a marketing email. Rather than choosing a random day and time to send your emails, we are strategic. We know your audience and choose a time that makes sense for them. Our research showed that email marketing campaigns tend to perform better when sent on Tuesdays or Thursdays in the mornings around 10 AM or in the afternoons around 3 PM. But, what works for most may not work best for you. It's important to test different times to see where the sweet spot is for your audience.

Frequently asked questions . . .

The subject line is the most important section of your email. If you use the same line repeatedly, customers will stop opening and reading your emails. You should always try to use a subject line that describes the content of your email.
Not only is email marketing one of the most cost-effective tools to increase revenue, but it's practical in every industry. Increasing email revenue can significantly improve ROI: Consumers spend 138% more as a result of email marketing, when compared to consumers who don't receive email offers.
A professional email address is the email address used for business communications, that is based on your custom domain. In other words, a professional email address is one that has your business name in it, in the form of a domain name.