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Marketing Process
Marketing Process

The Marketing Process for Business Consulting.

Did you know that on average, professional sales people report that they have to make at least five contacts with a particular client before they are able to close a deal? Rome was not built in a day, and neither, it seems, is a relationship or a deal with a prospective client.

During the years our Marketing professionals and consultants have gained much experience in the fields of market start-ups, building marketing plans for SME's etc. It's hard work and we take this out of your hands by working on great plans to execute in the market whenever you want.

There are numerous steps in the marketing consulting process, which we have attempted to explain here:

A Target list, This is the very first step in our marketing consulting services for you. We generate a list of prospects that fit your target market and niche. Get contact details, names of key personnel, and as much other information as possible about your prospects, and create a database. The initial business contact. We advise you how to make the first contact with the client. It can be a phonecall, WhatsApp message or email, briefly outlining your company and your services, or it could be a similarly structured marketing piece, delivered to their offices. Once you've sent them your information, the next step is to make a follow up call, to check that they received it, and find out whether you can set up a meeting with them. They may tell you they are simply not interested, or agree to a meeting, or request more information. Use their response as your guide to continuing.

The most important thing to remember is that marketing is about determination and tenacity. If rejection puts you off, you're destined to fail. So just keep working towards the yes, and don't let the negative responses get you down.

We learn you exactly how to start marketing consulting services, which is a long process, and you may not see results immediately, or even soon after you get started, but eventually, it will yield results, and you will reap the benefits. So develop a thick skin, draw up your list of prospects, and go knock on some doors. Remember, the more times you here a no, the closer you are to a yes!

Frequently asked questions . . .

Consulting is basically all about assisting another organization, group, team or individual to transform business from one state to another. The consulting process also involves assisting in such transformations predefined by the management or the individual concerned.
Engagement management has five major phases: proposal, kickoff, delivery, closure, and archive. The proposal has a project charter with three key components.