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Event Broadcasting
Event Broadcasting

Live stream your events online to a worldwide audience.

We believe in making high-end broadcast quality productions available to anyone, no matter what size your event is.

We can also live stream events online to all major video portals. Including social media platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch and Twitter (Periscope).

The global COVID-19 pandemic shows how essential remote video meeting services are. However, did you know that you don't have to be just a talking head like everyone else for your contribution?

With our system, we can feed a program output into any video conference software as if it were your own camera. For instance, you can switch in graphics, multiple cameras, PowerPoint presentations and even other video callers into your broadcast. This takes your meeting contribution from being just a talking head, into a performance.

We can record and stream your video conference to all the social media channels. Because of this, your video call viewers receive a personal, and restricted feed, without them having to watch on Youtube or Facebook like everyone else.

In conclusion, if you'd like to live stream your event to the world, let us know. From a simple presentation to a multi-camera broadcast recording with various camera angles in front of a live audience. Our outside broadcasting services can help.

Frequently asked questions . . .

The main difference is that streaming services allow you to watch content on demand, while cable TV requires you to watch shows as they air. With that said, most cable providers do offer on-demand content. And with the advent of DVRs, you can record shows and watch them at your convenience.
Events bring people together in a physical space, they bond people and give them something tangible to talk about. The communal feeling helps people take inspired action, and that's why I love organising events. When you have a passion for something, enough to put on an event, at first that's enough.